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Deception in the Name of God


February 01. 2004 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia 244 Muslim Pilgrims were crushed to death during symbolic stoning of Satan. As a Muslim man, it’s hurt me lot, then I developed an idea myself to for save brothers and sisters life’s in future. About two months later I met one of Saudi official, his name is Dr. Khalid el Ageel, on the phone I was talking about my idea His first respond was ”Sidki do not send this idea to Minister of Hajj, most people are cheaters there'' and he swore to ''Wallahi'' repeated three times it’s means he was sworn  in the name of God, he is saying truth, he make me believe to him what information I have he will be summit to top Saudi official behalf of me he requested all ideas to send him, which is I did it.
After a short time Saudi atrocities chose my idea over 5.000 submissions contracted to Bin laden Group $1, 3 Billion since that Dr. Khalid denies he never met with me even does not know who I am. Interesting part is not only this even severe one more, to explain these allegations I must start at the beginning.

When CCN reported that 244 Muslim Pilgrims were crushed to death during symbolic stoning of Satan in Saudi Arabia, It is deeply sadden me as a Muslim man. This has resulted in many accidents in the past. I began my research on the internet and I found a picture as a seen in the old outlook. Three million people capacity but no circulation, pilgrimages came in first and done their the devil stoning trying get out but no way to get out because, from 360 degree huge crowd of pilgrimages just coming in to place crushed and 244 pilgrimages died

All of sudden an idea crossed my mind from the wheat place in Mills. Where wheat falls down into grinder and turn into flour. I developed a solution, instead of stoning pillar in circular arrangement; I perceived a tunnel in meddle of stoning place. The stoning the devil pillar will be under this Shape. In this manner we will have opportunity to build the many stories required to facilitate a safe and easy passage for the pilgrims. Thus avoiding the congestion and potential danger and ensure everyone's pebbles will readily hit the devil pillar a picture appears on the banner.

However I didn't know what to do next. When I decided to send my concept to Saudi Arabia first I E-mailed to King Fahd, King of Saudi Arabia and a few minutes later I got reply advice that I should send my concept to Minister of Hajj. Then, I started to E-mailing, phoning, and faxing to Minister of Hajj and all I got negative respond. I was also discussing this matter in an internet chat room with people around the world. One of the listener took the mike he introduced himself as Ibrahim Simsek, who is living in Saudi Arabia 25 years as a builder also president of Turkish federation.

He said that he is interested in my idea but I'm dealing with the wrong department and that this is not a minister of Hajj business. But that is should be directed to Minister of Interior, he added that he knows an adviser in Minister of Interior and his name is Dr. Khalid al Ageel. He also added that if I liked he would introduce me to him.

Next day, I met with Dr. Khalid on the phone. On April, 30, 2004 We sent all required documents to Dr. Khalid by Fed Ex After a short time my concept chosen by Saudi Government, the planned nine storey Jamarat Bridge project was contracted to the Bin Laden Group, total cost of the project was $1.3 billion even I didn't get a thanks detailed information at Jamarat bridge project section.

When my concept was chosen from 5,000 submissions by Saudi authorities, then I began to think about more of those places. Then I recognized that a big problem will be in future. Which is that Tawaf-circumambulate the Casaba seven times without that Hajj is not completed? Because of that according to Saudi authorities new Jamart bridge project will increase pilgrimage capacity to 9 million pilgrims per day but today's condition 9 million people cannot make a Tawaf Ka'aba.

In my personal research I did not see any plans for the future. Taking in this into consideration

Then April 21, 2005 I registered and developed Ka’aba Tawaf project idea only I published in Turkish newspaper front page September 17. 2006 Yeniİafak second page and November 18.2007 Star Gazetesi on January, 18.2008, my own ınternet sıte projectsforholysites In the meantime I sent all information to King Abdullah as well as Dr. Khalid al Ageel. I did not receive anything until mid-2009. To see Atkins haram mosque expansion proposal 1st video appears in this site.

When I saw Atkins proposal I became more suspicious because they never mentioned Tawaf and that they're hiding something I believed. Because of that without Tawaf solutions this project is noting, spending billions of dollars doesn't mean anything for Ka’aba. I decided to erase my website up to May 2012. I searched the internet about what's happening in new Ka’aba expansion project.

Then I found a secret that they are hiding for. Second video that Saudi Bin laden group mobile floor for mataf expansion has been developed. This video clearly shows that my registered idea which was published 7 years ago.


Why do I tell these stories all over the world?


Clearly many reports show that, Jamarat Bridge and new Haram Mosque expansion projects ideas source is unknown. British newspapers both the Telegraph and the Independent reports that new Haram Mosque expansion plan has been approved by King Abdullah, Lord Norman Foster and Zaha Hadid 'asked to redevelop Mecca' two of Britain's best-known architects, are reported to be candidates for potentially the world's biggest building project: redesigning Mecca.

From this reports I understand that Saudi officials have plan-ideas but need to proof by architects that is why asked to Lord Norman and Zaha Hadid.

I am a not an architect what I am trying to proof it here second video this side which is Saudi Bin laden Group mobile floor for Mataf expansion video secret is here it's been hided long time I would like to invite everyone to see this video. This is the an idea hard of the $16 billion project, that is why I am telling all over the world, in the meantime I after the death of my grandchildren’s to know that, I did each of the two ideas my name is Sidki Yilmaz, 1957 I born in Turkey.

Muslim world Ka'aba is most important place mentioned in Quran House of Allah. My personal belief that the Ka'aba is not belong to any nation or any Country, it's belongs to who believes that the Islam. But it’s located in Saudi Arabia.

Ones again new Ka'aba expansion project contracted to Saudi Bin Laden Grub cost of total $16 billion will be completed in year 2020. Both Jamarat Bridge and Ka’aba expansion projects violated my copyrights.

First Jamarat Bridge project From Britain Crowd Dynamıcs ltd. DR. G .Keıth Still he got the all benefits. What has he done? He remodeled my original a circle Jamarat Bridge idea to ellipse that is all Dr. Keith told me on the phone long time ago.

I would like everyone to compare these pictures then you can make judgement yourself. Including this one British crowd experts save lives at Hajj

Thank you for sharing with me the story, more information is at Kaaba tawaf project section.




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